Radflo 200 series Suspension Review

The 200 series is the distillation of decades of Toyota engineering . It signifies the epitome of what Toyota thinks an off-road vehicle should be.  It's robust, powerful, and capable.  Full time all-wheel drive system with hi and low ranges is standard on all models with center diff lock, A-TRAC, KDSS, and terrain control all team up to make a vehicle that is extremely capable off-road as well as highly civilized and comfortable On-road.  So when modifying this vehicle, one has to keep the intent that Toyota had in mind.

The Components

For this truck, we decided to go with Radflo 2.5in IFP coilovers in the front with 650 lb springs and extended travel with no reservoirs.  The front upper control arms were replaced with SPC upper control arms to allow us to really dial in that caster and camber and to take advantage of the extended travel afforded to us by the front coilovers. 


For the rear, we went with the Radflo 2.5 in smooth body IFP shocks with OME 2722 rear springs.  

Detailed Specifications

 Vehicle 2017 Land Cruiser
Front Shock Radflo 2.5 IFP EXTENDED TRAVEL
Front Spring Rate 650lb/in
Front Ride Height Hub to Fender 22.25in
Front Axle Weight 3180
Rear Shock Radflo 2.5 IFP
Rear Spring Rate 275lb/in
Rear Ride Height Hub to Fender 24
Rear Axle Weight 2920


Ride Impressions

The ride was very sporty.  The suspension seemed to communicate a lot of information in terms of what the road was like.  Those who like sports cars would probably like the way this suspension feels although some may feel like there may be too much "talking" in terms of what information comes through from the road.  Very little diving during braking.  The suspension handled dips and big bumps very well and absorbed them with little drama.  This suspension would be very good for bombing fire roads at high speeds because it does a very good job of keeping the vehicle stable and planted as well as communicating a lot of information. Ideally we would like for the suspension to communicate a little bit less of the road imperfections when they are present, but for the most part we really enjoyed the Radflo suspension on this 200 series and deem it a worthy upgrade.

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