2008+ Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series & 2007+ Tundra 4.6L/4.7L Nitro Gear Package

2008+ Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series & 2007+ Tundra 4.6L/4.7L Nitro Gear Package

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This is the full monte. Included is everything you need to regear your truck, including bearings, shims, seals, and most importantly the gears you need to get your truck back to factory gearing specs after installing larger tires.

When a vehicle is fitted with tires larger than factory specs it changes the final drive ratio from the factory. What this means in practice is that your transmission spends more time ‘hunting’ for the correct gear since what it considers the correct ratio is now no longer true. This in turns causes a loss of power and poor performance overall. Installing a set of lower ratio differential gears corrects this and brings your truck back to the factory feeling and keeps the transmission happy. Keeping the legendary Toyota reliability is the goal for anything we sell, and this is no exception.

Manufactured by a leading name in the gear industry, Nitro Gear and Axle, this kit is centered around the gears themselves. Made using high quality materials and the latest technology these gears provide a long life, managing to be both strong and quiet in operation.

The package includes all parts needed to get the gears installed in the carriers. 


  • 2008+ Land Cruiser(200 Series) with 4.6L gas V8, 5.7L gas v8, 4.0L gas V6, 4.5L Diesel (URJ200,GRJ200, VDJ200)
  • 2008+ LX570
  • 2007+ Tundra(2G) 4x4 with 4.6L or 4.7L V8

Please Note: This gear package is for vehicles equipped with the 4.6L or 4.7L V8. If your Tundra has  the 5.7L then the appropriate gear package can be found here.