EBC Stage 5 Kit Front (2009-2019 Sequoia/Tundra/200 Series Land Cruiser)

EBC Stage 5 Kit Front (2009-2019 Sequoia/Tundra/200 Series Land Cruiser)

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While horsepower wins bragging rights it's important to remember that you need some stop with your go. If you’ve modified your truck you have undoubtedly noticed that the factory brakes struggle to keep up with the added weight of larger tires, a lift kit,  and armor. This has a severe impact on safety as braking distance degrades. Protect your family, yourself, and your vehicle by installing this EBC brake kit.

This EBC kit is a significant upgrade over stock brakes, and best of all it installs like any other set of pads and rotors. This means installation can be done at home with basic tools. 

The star of the show are the pads. They are the EBC Yellowstuff compound designed specifically for truck/SUV applications, especially for lifted trucks and those who tow. Get an extra 30% braking friction without having to worry about fading brakes or coating the front wheels in brake dust or dealing with noisy race pads.

Supporting the pads are the rotors. These dimpled and drilled rotors are made from high quality G3000 castings and machined using state of the art Haas and Feeler CNC machines in machining centers across the US and the UK. The dimpled design allows the pads to degas while not weakening the rotor by ‘through drilling’ holes. The rotors are coated in the EBC thermic black compound, which prevents rust and promotes proper brake bedding. Every rotor that leaves the EBC machine shop is tested for runout.

Please read the break in procedures carefully.  Usually we recommend that the driver avoid heavy braking (unless there's an emergency) situations during bedding procedures.  Once the anti-rust coating and the machining marks have been removed we can consider the brakes broken in.


  • 2008-2019 Sequoia
  • 2007-2019 Tundra
  • 2008-2019 Land Cruiser